The Basics of HORSE Poker


HORSE poker is one game made up of several, including bouts of Texas Holdem, Omaha Eight, Razz (low card), Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud Eight. Limit betting is the rule in HORSE but some tournaments do away with this to rev up the play as the end of the tournament nears. HORSE is a predominant game at the World Series of Poker and can be found in games with high stakes in order to challenge the knowledge and talent of players in multiple games. HORSE is probably the foremost game for the expert players as it demands a thorough understanding of multiple games and their rules and betting strategies.

For those players unaccustomed to playing combination games, a concerted effort to educate oneself about the rules of methods of play is mandatory before placing that first bet. It’s true the game is a limit one but it is not difficult to stumble upon extravagant pots and bets on Horse tables particularly since game play can rapidly accelerate. Limits in Horse generally start at $ 2/4 and then the sky’s the limit. The limit stays across all rounds. Multiple limits can usually be found in casinos as they cater to the player new to the game right on up to the professional high roller slot game malaysia.

The Workings of HORSE

If you are only familiar with one of the games that make up HORSE, play the lower limit tables. The type of game changes with each turn of the dealer button and up to ten hands of each poker variation are played before going on to the next one. Because you will be playing so many poker types, you need to fully understand each of the variants. The same basic premise of each game is present in HORSE poker, but your strategy should be adjusted to bet high on your strongest poker type and low on your weakest. HORSE is found at table games and tournament play. These are the combinations that exist in HORSE:

* Texas Holdem

Way the most popular form of poker and always the highlight of the World Series of Poker. The objective of Holdem, a round type of game, is to put together the highest five card hand from five community cards and two hole cards. None of the hands or one or both can be called upon to structure the highest hand at showdown.

* Omaha Eight

Four cards are dealt in this variant and the majority of players will need at least two of their cards and any three out of five community cards to construct the highest hand. The showdown pots are split between the highest and lowest hand with the low hand having cards ranked between aces and eights.

* Razz Poker

An odd form of poker in that the lowest hand gets the pot. This is similar to the low part of Omaha but there are no hand limits on the low hand. The one with the lowest high card or pair usually comes out ahead, but a superior bluffer has also been known to rule in Razz as well.

* Seven Card Stud

A very commonly played poker type where players are dealt cards in progression, some face up, some face down. The highest five card hand takes the cake.

* Seven Card Stud Eight (Hi-Lo)

This one follows the same direction as Omaha Eight with its split pot for the lowest hand below eight.

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